Interactive Remote Demonstrations

I am available to demonstrate to your woodturning club or organization, streaming live from my studio in upstate New York. This is a live demonstration, including background information, example turnings from myself and other turners — and, of course, I may demonstrate a catch just for you. Demonstrations can be modified for your club's format, but typically run 90 to 120 minutes in length, including time for Q&A throughout.

The demonstrations will contain valuable learning and inspiration to turners of any skill level, from beginner to advanced.

All you need to view is a screen, speaker, and internet connection — it could be a computer, tablet, or even a phone. I use Zoom, so there are a lot of options to connect, watch, and interact.

If you add a microphone and camera, I can see you, and you can interact and ask questions during the demonstration — the most popular method, but not required for every club member.

Example demonstrations include:

  • Off-Axis, Multi-Axis turning – Discuss and demonstrate different types of off-axis/multi-axis turning. Can include multiple projects, conversation on different techniques, and options to coordinate with on- or off-lathe embellishment.  Turned pieces can include, snowman, vase, boxes, candlesticks, more.
  • Working with Burls – Discuss and demonstrate turning burls – natural edge and other forms. He will show some examples of work with burls, discuss initial shape of burl and processes to get to final design. Discussions will include both beginner and advanced techniques, including holding the burl on the lathe.
    • Option 1; Then, I will take a specific piece of burl and discuss options to turn that piece, develop a general direction, and then turn the piece. Along the way I will discuss different methods of holding the burl on the lathe, and complete the final design on the lathe.
    • Option 2: Then I will take two or three (time dependent) different burls and work them far enough that the next steps are “obvious” – foregoing completion in order to see more techniques. Techniques could include turning without a tenon, burl edge up vs burl edge down, advanced techniques of natural edge, deep-V vase.
  • Embellishing – Discuss different embellishment techniques. Techniques can be selected ahead of time, but might include pyrography (including stock and do it yourself wire designs), simple burning wire, on-lathe texturing, off lathe texturing, air brushing, carving. Various options can include some turning as well: plate, platter, bowl, etc.
  • Split Turning – I will walk through the steps of creating one of my split turned pieces from basic wood through finishing and embellishment ideas. Typically, I embed fused glass into the piece, but other options will be discussed, including acrylic 3-d painting techniques, carving, and other embellishments.
  • Boxes – I will discuss my methods of creating boxes of different styles, how to finish turn the lids and bases, potentials for embellishment including inserts and collars, as well as a discussion of my design philosophies.
  • Focus on a specific object style – I will show the steps from raw wood to finished product for the following art concepts I currently produce:
    • Plates and platters with rim embellishment including carving and painting
    • Wavy plates/platters
    • Carved vessels or plates/platters with “dragon skin” or other “peel back the wood” techniques
    • Tube-shaped artwork with fused glass or other central focus

Or, we can create one specifically for your club or organization.

If you are interested, please contact me here.