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one-of-a-kind art from
wood & glass.

Water Drop Into Burl, Big Leaf Maple Burl, Fused Glass with Lampwork Elements, 2022



I create one-of-a-kind sculpture and art, using wood, glass, metal, art, and other media.

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Mesa Sunrise Cropped 1

Art &

statement pieces for the home.

Small Pedestals
for Unique Glass

a delightful display anywhere there is light.

Small Glass Sculptures
at symbol

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Dragon's Rose Studio - Phil Rose Art and IRD
Phil Rose Artist

Phil Rose is known for his thought-provoking art that frequently starts life on a lathe but may be embellished with wood burning, dye, fused glass, or other delightful techniques. Some of his current work is inspired by thoughts of patterns and abstract shapes, as well as creating common objects with different wood and glass. Phil strives to separate the mechanical aspects of woodturning and lampwork from the physical results, inspiring views to not only admire the art but also wonder how it was created. Phil often says, “While I do generate ideas of art forms I would like to create, ultimately the materials need to tell me what they want to become for their next life.”

Unique art that

makes a statement

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