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one-of-a-kind art from
wood & glass.

Water Drop Into Burl, Big Leaf Maple Burl, Fused Glass with Lampwork Elements, 2022



I create one-of-a-kind sculpture and art, using wood, glass, metal, art, and other media.

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Small Pedestals
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Dragon's Rose Studio - Phil Rose Art and IRD
Phil Rose Artist
I seamlessly combine wood and glass in my creations. My transformative experience began when a cardiology visit accidentally revealed a kidney tumor. The experience infused my work with newfound vibrancy in color.

My art is a unique blend of meticulous woodturning and captivating glasswork, a fusion seldom seen in the artistic world. With each piece, I invite you to marvel at the mechanical finesse and the profound beauty born from life’s unexpected turns.

Unique art that

makes a statement

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